Pro-Energy Multi-Vitamin and Mineral



Marilyn/M. Recommended By My Chiropractor

I have been using this product for about a year. The vitamin was recommended to me by my chiropractors. THEY ARE VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT NUTRITION. So I trust what they recommend.


Judith H. /Tarpon Springs, FL

I have taken Pro-Energy Multi-Vitamin & Mineral for a long period of time while working as a nurse approximately 72 to 80 hours a week. I have moved to Tarpon Springs, FL this last May and have not been a business in my area that sells your vitamins. I would appreciate if you could locate a business close to me. I still work approximately 60 hours a week at 63 years old and the vitamins keep me healthy and with ENERGY as well. I have quite a number of nurses that I have introduced to this vitamin and the Pro-Energy Multi-Vitamin keeps them going as well!! Thank you for your assistance as well!


Nina A. /My Recent Blood Work Was Great And This Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Answers The Need …

Found I have more energy and as a tennis player, energy is important! I use to feel I needed rest about 3:00 PM and I no longer even think about resting. I garden instead. My recent blood work was great and this multi-vitamin answers the need for people who like to be active and not sluggish. I enjoy life and am in my early 70’s but I look and feel much younger, even my hair looks healthy. It is a must for me!!


B. Henderson/Great Vitamin Find

An oncology nurse suggested these to me during a chemotherapy session. I purchased somewhat doubtfully, and they were very effective. I ordered a bottle for my 95 year old father and he reports feeling much better. These have given me the energy to get through weekly chemotherapy sessions without too much fatigue. A real recommendation to other chemo patients who may be finding their energy levels low.


M. Little/I Feel Like New

These vitamins are fantastic! You might have to take three at one time but after taking them for a couple of weeks, I feel more energetic than I was. I have a feeling of wellbeing. When my MD got my blood results back, he said, “Keep doing what you are doing.” I will definitely buy more.


S. Gurl/Natural Energy- All You Need In a Multi-Vitamin

Tried and proven product. Gives great natural energy, provides all the daily minerals and vitamins you need (and then some). Does not interact with any of my medications. Even helps some to curb your appetite. It is just GREAT!


H.Wangsta/Vitamins You Can Feel

Great-It Works! It stabilizes and this is the first multi-vitamin ever where I felt physical changes for the better 30 minutes after taking it. GREAT GREAT PRODUCT! I LOVE IT!