IMMUNE Pro-One Colostrum-6



Darlene M./Mt. Juliet, TN

My husband had been using this 6-hour colostrum for a couple of years during the winter to defend against colds and flu. He kept telling me how he felt stronger out in the cold weather and didn’t get sick over the last couple of winters. I had to go to the emergency room last Christmas eve 2013 and found out that I had an intestinal infection called colitis/diverticulitis. Then in March I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia. It just seemed like my immune system was way down. My husband thought I should try the colostrum. Within a few weeks of taking Immune Pro-One my intestinal symptoms have improved dramatically and I was feeling so much stronger after the walking pneumonia. We really believe in this product and would recommend it to anybody.


Louise/Liberty, TN

I have been using this brand of colostrum for several years and I am now 85 years old. Older people seem to have weaker immune systems so that’s why I really decided to try it. Well it has now been several years since I have had the flu or a cold. I can really say that this product has been a true blessing to my health and I highly recommend it to all my elderly friends.


Marie/Davies, FL

I have suffered for over 18 years from ulcerative colitis and experienced my worst episode of internal bleeding. My doctor ran an ESR count, which measures colon inflammation, and it was 63. I wanted to avoid the typical oral steroids, with their many side effects, so I decided to try colostrum instead. After 4 weeks I returned to my doctor for another ESR count. The ESR count had reduced to 41 which wasUnbelievable as the only difference in my life was that I had been taking colostrum. I also have noticed a huge difference in my energy levels.


Judy/Little Rock, AR

My children ages 7 and 11 kept catching everything that was going around at school. It was all but driving me crazy running them back and forth to the doctor and the missed school days kept pilling upplus not to mention the problems with my work schedule. A close friend told me about this colostrum product and I thought what did I have to lose. Well what a difference it has made. My children don’t have the everyday sniffles anymore and the doctor bills are a thing of the past. It has made life a whole lot easier. Don’t know what I would have done without this product and the price is cheap compared to the doctor visits. Thank you IMMUNE Pro-One. Life is so much better when my kids are not sick.