Cardio Pro-Arginine 5000 Testimonials



Steve/Middleburg, FL

I have had issues with cholesterol and high blood pressure for several years now and just found out about this product last year. I absolutely love the results that I have gotten and my blood pressure is more normal than it has been in several years. Another thing that I have noticed is I don't fall asleep as early in the evening like I used to. Great product!


David/Nashville, TN

I decided to try this product because I had read about the discovery of Arginine's benefits to the cardiovascular system and at that time I was experiencing some mild chest pains periodically. I had told my doctor about the chest pains when I was in for my last physical. They did an EKG that day but he said he didn't see anything to be alarmed about. Well I was still having some sharp pains around my heart sometimes when I was just sitting around watching tv. So ever since I have used the Cardio Pro-Arginine 5000 the pains have gone away and have not returned. I have looked at other Arginine formulas since then but I didn't see one that totally compared with this one and the taste is a fantastic cherry flavor. So needless to say I have found what works for me and I would highly recommend this to anyone that thinks they might have some cardio issues or just wants to prevent any problems in the future.


Michael/Newnan, GA

My family has had several cardio issues over the years so I felt like I might need to find some kind of nutritional supplement to hopefully prevent myself from having to go through all the night mares of heart disease problems that runs in my family. I researched the internet and found information about arginine that enhances nitric oxide which relaxes the arteries. The information on the internet seemed very real since some Dr. won a nobel prize with the discovery. I then found Cardio Pro-Arginine 5000 and decided to give it a try. I have been very satisfied with this product. I sleep better at night plus it gives me instant energy right away when I take it. Just one scoop of the cherry flavored powder in a glass of water is all I use and I can feel a difference. I can honestly say that there is not one thing I don't like about this product and now I think that I am doing something to prayerfully keep from having cardio problems in the future. Thanks so much for this product.